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Abbotsford Community Services Recycling Program provides recycling services for the City of Abbotsford and the District of Mission. The Recycling Program is a part of Abbotsford Community Services and began in the early 70′s as one of the first recycling programs in the province of British Columbia. It started as a program to provide meaningful employment for the traditionally hard to employ and continues to advocate for this today.

Presently, the program processes recyclables from Abbotsford and Mission. These recyclables are placed onto a conveyor belt and hand sorted by Abbotsford Community Services employees into different types of materials. Once sorted, the recyclables are either baled or loaded loose into shipping containers and sent to markets for processing. Previously, the program marketed all the recycling collected direct to market, but as of April 3, 2017, the City of Abbotsford and District of Mission became participating members of the provincial RecycleBC program, who is now responsible for the recycling of residential printed paper and packaging.

Abbotsford Community Services Recycling also offers an extensive public awareness program. This includes both school and community education offsite or onsite in the Recycling Education Centre and Compost Demonstration Garden (built in partnership with the Fraser Valley Regional District). The Recycling Education Program attends and organizes many community events like the Environmental Mind Grind, Agrifair and the Mission Candlelight Parade promoting both recycling and environmental awareness.