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Gift Wrap is not Recyclable

December 9th, 2010

ABBOTSFORD BC- Abbotsford Community Services Recycling Program wants you to consider the environment this holiday season. Gift wrap is enjoyed for a few moments on Christmas morning and then creates methane in the landfill. Traditional gift wrap is not recyclable in our current system because of the poor paper quality, high dye content and the plastic ribbons and bows that often remain attached which can contaminate the paper product.

Instead of using gift wrap, make your own Christmas wrap using brown paper bags or a roll of brown paper and add festive decorations with crayons, paint and stamps. Gifts can also be wrapped in newspaper, comics, magazines, old road maps or sheet music. Another alternative to traditional gift wrap is to wrap gifts within another gift. For example, gifts can be wrapped using blankets, towels, scarves and cloth bags. Old Christmas cards can also be reused and made into gift tags. Make sure you save gift bags, boxes, ribbons and bows to be reused year after year.

Be creative this holiday season and don’t use traditional holiday gift wrap. For more ‘Green’ holiday ideas contact Abbotsford Community Services Recycling Program at 604-850-3551 or online at www.acsrecycling.ca